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Manuel Kandlbauer was born in the 90’s and is from the southern part of Austria. After schooling, he opted for mechanical engineering and while studying he developed an interest for photography. Photography became his passion and it did not take him long to develop his skills in the same. 


His first photography travel was to Milan and Paris for a Fashion week, which was a huge success. His habit of always being up to date with improved skills and sincere work ethics always procured him the finest results. He continued traveling and visited New York, London, Copenhagen etc and his work has always been appreciated and commended by many.


Manuel says, “ For people, working for obnoxious number for hours, despite of day or night, may look like hard work. But for me, it never felt like work. My world lies behind my camera, with the shutter sound as my background music, while I create spellbound images. “


So, after a few years of living as a mechanical engineer and photographer, he decided that his love is much bigger for photography and life is too short to not do what he loves.


He then pursued his photography and design studies in Vienna and now after his graduation, the most important things in his bag are his camera and laptop. 


Manuel continues to travel while photographing models and surfers worldwide.

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